The “Global Money Week 2023” program had its opening in Mandalgovi city of Dundgovi aimag with the motto “Let’s plan financially and create our futures.”


During March of each year, the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Mongolia, Bank of Mongolia, The Mongolian Bankers’ Association, the Federal Republic of Germany's 'Sparkasse' bank fund, and various commercial banks organize “Global Money Week” with the intention of increasing children and youth’s financial awareness and assisting them in developing the knowledge, skills, and habits that will help them spend their money wisely.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has organized the event every year since 2012 and 16,200 companies of 176 countries have participated in the event thus far.

The program, which is implemented with the cooperation and support of governmental and non-governmental organizations and enterprises, will be held from March 13-26. During the running period of the program, Mongolia plans to hold countrywide trainings that support citizens and the general public in making wise financial choices and provide them with information and news that are relevant.


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