The International Network on Financial Education (OECD / INFE) launched the Global Money Week campaign on March 14

The opening ceremony was attended by S.Baatarsuren, Acting CEO of the Deposit Insurance Corporation, D.Tsogtbaatar, Director of the Foreign Relations and Cooperation Department, and A.Altantulkhuur, Director of the Public Relations and Financial Education Division.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Global Money Week with the theme “Build your future, be smart about money”.

The campaign was organized by the Bank of Mongolia, the Financial Regulatory Commission, the Department of Family and Youth, the National Center for Lifelong Learning under the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ulaanbaatar Small and Medium Enterprise and Service Support Center, the Mongolian Banking Association, Sparkassen Finanzgruppe (German Savings Banks Foundation for International cooperation), Commercial Banks, Rio Tinto LLC, Lemon Press and Mobifinance NBFI will jointly implement the campaign from March 14 through 27.

Stakeholders will jointly organize a “Financial Education is Our Future” discussion, training, competitions and advocacy events for target groups to promote the value of money and the benefits of savings.




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