Update on Capital bank‘s reimbursement process

Starting on April 19th, 2021, the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Mongolia began the process of reimbursing through Khan Bank amounts up to 20 million MNT of the current account holders and depositors of the liquidated Capital Bank.

  As of September 30th, 2021, of the 354,260 current account holders and depositors of the liquidated Capital Bank that are to be reimbursed a total of 44,662,554,578 MNT, 350,695 depositors have been reimbursed a total of 40,346,655,185 MNT.

Table 1. Update on reimbursement process



Total number of depositors Percentage (%) of total number of depositors Amount of reimbursement Percentage (%) of total reimbursement amount
Planned reimbursement 354,260 100 44,662,554,578 100
Reimbursed in 3rd quarter of 2021 


0.08 25,720,577.99 0.06
Total reimbursed  35,695 10.08 40,346,655,185 90.34
Remaining 318,565 89.92 4,315,899,393 9.66

Table 2. Complaints related to reimbursement




Complaints related to reimbursement
Related to reimbursement calculation Did not make reimbursement list


Related to bank cessionary

Documents related to complaint were missing



2019 162 159 149 90 302
2020 2       3
Total 164 159 149 90 305

According to Section 17.4 of Article 17 of “The Bank Deposit Insurance Law,” the deposit insurance reimbursement process will continue until April 18th, 2022, and current account holders and depositors of the liquidated Capital Bank can receive reimbursement from the nearest Khan Bank branch.

Necessary documents for reimbursement are:

       If you are a citizen:

  • Citizen ID card;
  • If a foreigner, a foreign passport and a license to reside in Mongolia.

     If LLC and LC:

  • Original copy of the certificate instated by state, legal citizenship ID card, and for foreigners bring your passport and/or legally approved citizen ID card.
  • If you gave a governance to spend deposit in the account trustee, and/or warrant, and decree are required







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